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Conner Brown

President and Senior Closing Specialist

Growing up in Seattle, Washington, Conner came to California to pursue his his Bachelor's Degree in Aerospace Engineering. After receiving his degree, Conner started his career as an engineer working for Northrop Grumman in San Diego as Jet Propulsion Designer, while also doing loan signings for escrow officers on the side. He noticed a common problem in the industry: out of area notary signings were often the biggest headache for his clients, and he saw a tremendous opportunity for a better product. In 2020, he resigned from his full time engineering position to focus on building a signing service that could solve this roadblock in the industry, a signing service that solves all of his clients problems, instead of creating new ones. Conner has grown Caffeinated Closings into a national signing service, and continues to stay dedicated to the philosophy, that quality customer service will always win over volume, and continues to maintain that as our highest priority to this day.

Conner is an avid motorcycle racer and car enthusiast. In his spare time, you can find him at the Saturday Rancho Santa Fe Cars and Coffee, or at the race track!


Hailey Drew

Scheduling Manager

Hailey started her career getting her Bachelor's Degree in criminal justice, at McNeese State University, all while playing Division 1 softball for the McNeese Cowgirls. Soon after college, she found a passion for real estate. After moving to San Diego to work as home inspector, she soon made many contacts in the mortgage industry, and started doing loan signings as a notary. With over 3,000 loan signings under her belt, Hailey has extensive knowledge of the industry, and is our logistics rockstar. She knows the ins and outs of escrow operations, and oversees our scheduling and document reviewing department to ensure our notary scheduling, and document reviewal is top notch. You won't find anyone who is more specialized in her role anywhere else!

In her spare time, you can find Hailey at the Del Mar dog beach, or playing softball!  

Shila Petty


Graduating from our very own UCSD, Shila started her career with her bachelors degree in Political Science. Since coming on board to Caffeinated Closings in 2022, Shila has proven herself to be extremely multi talented and is our top scheduler. Not only does she have a full understanding of loan documents, along with the loan signing process, but can also keep up with the fast paced nature this industry demands. Whether it's reaching out to your clients to confirm appointment details, communicating with escrow officers, loan officers, or agents, you can count on Shila to handle every situation with her friendly demeanor. Shila understands how to speak with everyone involved in the loan signing process, in order to provide the best customer service experience we pride ourselves on.

Our Story



Start from the beginning

Founder and Owner of Caffeinated Closings Inc., Conner Brown, started his loan signing agent journey as a source of additional income while working as an Aerospace Engineer in San Diego. Along the way, he built many great relationships with local escrow officers, and completed over 1000 signings, before he committed to being a full time loan signing agent.

During this time Conner found various problems with the typical loan signing process. For example; last minute document changes. To be able to accommodate last minute signings and quick revisions without leaving the signers driveway,  Conner innovated his own mobile printing station powered by his car's battery. After offering to share his design with any notary who wanted it, for free, he was reached out to, by Mark Wills, the owner of Loan Signing System, to use his engineering skills to design a mobile office that any notary could assemble. Soon he was training thousands of loan signing agents, nationwide, to assemble the mobile office that he designed, all while growing his business as a signing agent.


Caffeinated Closings is born

With the innovation of the mobile office, his knowledge, and great customer service, Conner became a highly desired notary in the San Diego County area. However, Conner continued to notice a common problem in the industry: out of area notary signings were often the biggest headache for his clients, and he saw a tremendous opportunity for a better product. Because of this, in 2020, he took a leap of faith, and resigned from his full time engineering position to better focus on his client base.

His mission: To build a better a signing service that would be different than any other before, that could solve this roadblock in the industry. A signing service that solves all of his clients problems, instead of creating new ones.

 He always prided himself on an error free signing and topnotch customer experience. After over a year of continued success, Conner decided to take what he learned as a loan signing agent and make an impact across the United States. Caffeinated Closings was born with the goal of giving escrow officers and signers the premium loan signing experience Conner would give, but nationwide.


Building a Legacy

Caffeinated Closings Inc. allowed Conner to give his escrow officers an opportunity to continue to receive a high quality signing anywhere in the country. The Caffeinated Closings coffee was created as a high quality, unique, and thoughtful gift for clients to mirror the Caffeinated Closings experience. The loan signing part of the whole escrow experience should be the most exciting, comforting, and thought out part. We want signers walking away elated for their future!


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